When Is It Time To Replace My Carpet?

Unlike wine that gets better with age, all carpets have a lifespan and are only good for a number of years.

It doesn’t matter how expensive the price tag is or how high the quality, all carpets must eventually be replaced. How long it will last depends on the quality of material and craftsmanship, and the type of usage and amount of foot traffic.

What are the signs that indicate it’s time to replace your carpet?

If it looks old

Does your carpet look like it has seen better days?

Depending on the fibre type, carpet wear is one of the things that can make a carpet look old. Some materials such as polypropelene have a tendency to lose their form more quickly than wool and quality nylon carpets.

Although regular carpet cleaning can help make it last longer,the carpet will eventually reach a point where it will look worn and dirty no matter how often you have it cleaned.

If you have had your carpets cleaned by a trained professional and are still unhappy with its appearance, it may be time to have your old carpet replaced.

If it has stains that can’t be removed

One of the most noticeable signs that your carpet needs replacement is a significant amount of permanent staining present.

Carpet cleaning will remove the majority of spots, soiling and discolouration. However, spots and discoloration that don’t go away after you’ve had your carpets professionally cleaned might mean they will likely never come off.

If the stains are still there after a professional clean and stain treatment, then it means they are most likely permanent and carpet replacement may be the only solution.

If it has significant rips and tears

You can still mend small rips and damage with the help of a professional. However, carpets with larger tears and significant damage may need replacement. Covering them with furniture will not always work especially when the tears are located in walkways and highly visible areas.

If it smells musty

A very dirty carpet will often give off an unpleasant smell, especially if you own a pet and haven’t had the carpets cleaned for some time. In most cases, the odour should disappear after the odour source has been removed and a thorough cleaning with the correct chemicals.

If it doesn’t, it may mean that the odour has already penetrated the carpet and underlay (or in worst case scenarios, the subfloor).

If cleaning does not get the desired results, you may have to consider totally replacing your carpet to completely get rid of the smell as it may be more cost-effective.

Not sure if you can still salvage dirty and worn carpet or not? Give us a call and we’ll help you assess.

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What Are The Most Common Tile Grout Problems?

Used to seal joints and fill the space between tiles, it’s easy to mistake grout as a minor player when it comes to how beautiful your floor will generally look.

But no matter how gorgeous your tiles are, an ugly grout can easily ruin it. What should you do to keep your grout in shape?

Common Tile Grout Problems

Grout is typically ignored until it becomes a problem. Issues can show immediately after the tiles have been installed. But usually, it will only become apparent after several months.

  • Dirty grout

    Newly-applied grout looks immaculately clean. But dirt can easily accumulate and settle on and in the grout over time.

    One of the most common causes of dirty grout is dirty mop water. Water used to clean the floor becomes muddy and if you continue to use it, the dirt will go into the grout and settle there.

    Grout is naturally porous and this is why dirt can easily adhere to it as well as absorb into it. This can make grout cleaning a difficult task at the best of times. After a few years, the accumulated dirt build-up can make grout cleaning near impossible. It may require heavy duty cleaning in order for the grout to be restored and looking near new again. Worse case, replacing old grout might be the only option.

  • Stained or discoloured grout

    Aside from dirt, liquid substances, grease and grime can also penetrate the grout and make it look discoloured. Before you know it, your grout has turned from white to a darker shade.

    Even newly-applied grout can take on a discoloured hue. Usually, this happens when the installer has added too much water to the grout and allowed it to sit to thicken up. An uneven colour may occur because the colorant has separated and clumped together.

  • Cracked grout

    Cracked grout has many causes—poor grout mix, improper tile installation, uneven or weak subfloor, lack of expansion joints and ordinary wear and tear.

    It’s important that a professional assesses the underlying cause of the cracks so the appropriate grout repairs can be done.

    But whatever the reason, one thing is for sure. Once your grout starts to crack, it’s best to have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent further grout damage and potential damage to the surrounding tiles.

Do you want to have clean looking grout again? Do you want to protect your grout from permanent stains and dirt? Do you want your grout to have that regular, even color? We can help. Call us or visit our website, www.protectorclean.com.au for more information.

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The Things Your Carpet Could Be Hiding

Carpets provide warmth to homes and can make any area look stylish and inviting.   

But while it may look cozy and inviting, a carpet is a great hiding place for some awful things you don’t want to keep inside your home. This is especially true when carpet cleaning is not done on a regular basis.

A deluge of dead skin flakes

Did you know that an average person sheds about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every hour? That’s roughly a million dead skin cells every single day.

Think of those microscopic skin flakes floating in the air like snow and landing on your carpet every time you scratch that itch or rub your hands.

In fact, we shed even if we don’t do any of those things. The skin constantly regenerates itself and the old cells fall off to make room for new ones. Unfortunately, they often get deposited and trapped in your carpet.

Where there are dead skin flakes, there are likely dust mites.

Skin flakes are just the beginning of the problem because there are critters such as ticks, fleas and dust mites that feed off dead skin from humans and animals.

They can be found not just in carpets but also in air ducts, mattresses, pillows and upholstery. If left unchecked, these organisms can cause a variety of health issues like allergies, asthmatic reactions and are even carriers of tapeworms and bacteria.

Improper carpet cleaning encourages the growth of mildew, fungi and moulds.

If you do your own carpet cleaning, make sure you do it the right way. Carpets that haven’t been cleaned and dried properly are susceptible to mildew, fungus and mould growth.

The same is true if you live in a humid place or if your carpet is located in the basement, and other highly humid areas of your house.

Spores from fungi and moulds can develop deep inside the carpet’s fabric—especially if they are made of cotton or wool—and can quickly spread in your home because they don’t just stay in the carpet, they can also be carried through the air.

Pollens and other allergens can get inside your home through your shoes or window.

Pollens and other allergens can enter your home through open windows. It can also get stuck on your shoes so if you don’t take them off when entering your home, you will unintentionally deposit these allergens inside.

They can easily get stuck in the fibers of your carpet. Over time, it accumulates and can be difficult to remove even with a vacuum cleaner. In many cases, vacuums can only pick up allergens on top of the carpet, not those embedded deep inside the fabric.

The best way to remove these allergens is through Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning commonly known as carpet steam cleaning. Water is heated at high temperature, penetrates deep into the carpet before being flushed to effectively remove the allergens.

Carpet steam cleaning is also effective in killing germs and bacteria, stain removal and can help prevent mould development.

If you’d like to know more about our carpet cleaning services,  please check out our website www.protectorclean.com.au or give us a call.

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How To Pressure Clean The Pavers Around Your Swimming Pool Without Getting The Pool Water Dirty

If you have a swimming pool, then your house is most likely the favorite venue of friends and family whenever there are get-togethers, especially during the summer.

Dirty pool pavers can be dangerous

A big part of getting your pool ready for such occasions is to clean the pavers or concrete around it.

But like any surface exposed regularly to the outside elements, pavers can quickly build up dirt, grime, mould and mildew. This can become dangerous as the grime and mildew can make the surface slippery and people walking around your pool could slip and fall.

The benefits of well-maintained pool pavers

Aside from avoiding accidents, pavers that are properly cleaned are more inviting to look at and could add value to your property.

With moulds covering the cracks and discoloration of your pool pavers, it would also be hard for you to assess any repairs you need to do. Clean pavers will help reveal if there’s any damage that you need to work on to keep your pool looking great all year round.

The problems of DIY pool paver-pressure cleaning

It is a messy job pressure cleaning the pavers around your swimming pool.

The problem is all the muck and wastewater are likely to run into your pool because there’s no other way for the water to escape—except into the pool. So, now you end up with clean pavers but dirty pool water.

It can be a very costly exercise to clean pool water after pressure cleaning. Aside from the needed chemicals to restore the pH level back to normal, there’s a risk of damaging your pool filters because of the excess silt.

How to clean pavers without mucking up your pool water

For jobs that could potentially lead to bigger issues like pressure-cleaning your pool pavers, it is always a good idea to hire a professional.

We at Protector Clean use a unique vacuum pressure cleaning system that allows us to vacuum up the wastewater as we pressure clean. We can get most hard-to-reach areas, too, because our system can run up to 80 meters of pressure and vacuum hose.

So if you’re planning on having your pool pavers or other poorly-drained areas of your home pressure cleaned, contact us and we will be happy to discuss, inspect and give you a customised quote free of charge.

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Don’t Let This $10 Fitting Cost You Thousands Of Dollars In Repairs

Versatile, easy to install, affordable. These are some of the reasons why flexi-hoses are so widely popular.

But did you know that this fitting that sits unnoticed under the sinks of kitchens, bathrooms and laundries is one of the most common causes of internal flooding?

How do flexi-hoses get damaged?

There are several reasons how a flexible water hose can get damaged and cause flooding to your home.

  • Overdue replacement

A flexible water hose has a useful life span of 5 to 10 years. More often than not, people do not notice fittings like flexi-hoses—at least, not until they start to fail.

  • Faulty installation

Because flexi-hoses are easy to install, a lot of people attempt to install it themselves. However, there is a big chance of over-stretching or over-tightening the pipe which can cause leakages or worse, ruptures.

Licensed plumbers know which hose length to use to prevent the braid from unraveling and breaking the rubber seal.

  • Lack of maintenance

Flexi-hoses that have limited or no maintenance can easily fray, rust or kink, more so if the product has poor quality. It’s like a ticking time bomb—the pipe can burst at any time.

A faulty flexi-hose can result in expensive repairs.

It can flood your home with up to 1,500 litres of water every hour. And in as little as five minutes, it can quickly spread and flood the carpet, floors and walls of a few bedrooms.

That’s how a $10 fitting can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Prevention is better than cure.

This common saying can also be applied to your home. Protect it from flooding with these tips:

  • Always have a licensed plumber install your flexi-hoses. Aside from knowing the technical details of the installation, they can also check the integrity of the product.
  • Visually inspect the flexi-hoses in your home regularly for signs of corrosion or kinks.
  • Don’t forget to have your hoses replaced every so often, approximately every five years or whenever you see signs of damage.
  • If possible, buy a high-quality flexi-hose that comes with an extended warranty.
  • Make sure you and your children (if they’re old enough) know where the main water connection is so you/they can turn it off in case there is flooding in your home.
  • If you are going to be away for an extended period, it’s best to turn off the water main so you don’t come home to a flooded house.

What to do in case of flooding

The first thing you need to do in case of flooding from a burst flexi-hose is to turn off the main water connection.

Then, call a professional water damage restoration specialist, preferably one that offers 24/7 services, so they can extract the water immediately and prevent further damage as well as and the onset of mould. They will also have all the necessary drying equipment to restore your property back to its normal condition.

Check out the services we offer and other related information on our website at https://www.protectorclean.com.au/

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What’s The Best Tile For My Bathroom?

There’s something special about having a great bathroom. The kind they have in five-star hotels—stylish and luxurious.

It’s natural to want the same luxurious feel for your own bathroom. But there are also other things to think of if you are building or redoing your bathroom.

Take Maintenance Into Consideration

Bathroom tiles would be exposed to water and steam on a regular basis. So, it’s important to choose one that can repel water.

Your tiles should also be made of a material that doesn’t absorb grime, dirt, germs and other unpleasant accumulations. This makes your bathroom easier to clean and maintain.

Design vs. Practicality

Does it mean you have to go all practical and forget about aesthetics? Not necessarily. All you need to do is lay it out correctly.

For instance, natural stones are porous so they absorb grime and dirt quickly. However, they can bring warmth and texture to a cold bathroom. Although not recommended for wet areas, if you want to work with natural stone, you have to understand that they will require a high level of cleaning and maintenance as well as regular sealing.

A great bathroom is an equal mix of design and functionality.

Which Tile Should I Choose?

There are many options to choose from.

Glazed Ceramic and porcelain tiles are two of the most common types used in bathrooms. Ceramic tiles come in different textures and finishes but doesn’t repel water as efficiently as porcelain.

Glazed porcelain is more durable and stain-resistant so it’s your best bet for shower floors and walls. Depending on the quality of water in your area, dark coloured tiles may show up hard water staining such as calcium build up a lot easier than light coloured tiles.

Glass tiles can add personality to your bathroom. They’re easy to clean and add brightness by reflecting light. However, they are also slippery so it’s best to restrict them to walls.   

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My Tiles Are Dirty, Porous and Need Sealing?

So your tiles are dirty…should you be cleaning and sealing them?  

People often think their tiles need to be sealed if they see they’re dirty. They think the tiles are porous that’s why it accumulated all those gunk and stains. But this isn’t always the case.

What kind of tiles do you have and do they need sealing?

To know if your tiles really need sealing or not, it’s important to know first of all what kind of tiles you have.

Two of the most common household tiles are factory-glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles.

tile cleaning and sealing
These ceramic tiles just needed a heavy duty clean, not sealing

· Glazed ceramic & porcelain tiles

Glazed tiles are ceramic and porcelain tiles that have an additional process in its manufacture.

A layer of enamel or liquid glaze is applied—either sprayed on or painted—on the surface of the tile. Once fired at high temperatures, a chemical reaction occurs which turns the glaze almost into glass. This makes glazed tiles resistant to water and stains. Their finish can either be matte, semi-gloss, high gloss or textured. Certain finishes however are harder to keep clean compared to others.

Most importantly, because of the liquid glass top coat, glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles are non-porous so they do not require sealing.

When should you use tile sealers?                                            

Since most common household tiles are glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles and are therefore non-porous and do not require sealing, when should you use sealers then?

Sealers are applied to tiles that are porous or have not been factory–glazed like marble, travertine, granite sandstone, slate and other natural stones. Terracotta and some polished porcelains which were not glazed at the factory also need to be sealed.

Depending on the type of sealer, it will act like an artificial glaze or a scotchguard, serving as the tile’s protective barrier from stains, contaminants and day-to-day wear.                                                                                      

So if your tiles are non-porous and sealed but dirty, what should you do?

One thing about sealers: they may be great in preventing stains and making the tiles easier to clean, but they can‘t stop dirt from building up on them.

Sealed or unsealed, all surfaces will eventually get dirty—yes, even with routine cleaning. How?

Even with regular maintenance cleaning, over time, microscopic layers of dirt and grime build up over time to the point where it becomes near impossible to get the tile to look good again.

In cases like this, a sealer is not going to solve your problem. A heavy-duty cleaning will.

This is usually carried out by a professional who has the equipment, chemicals and training to get the desired results. They can inspect and test if the tiles require sealing or professional cleaning.

If you’d like to know more about our tile cleaning and sealing services, please check out our website: www.protectorclean.com.au or give us a call.

Also, check out our other informative cleaning and restoration videos on our YouTube channel

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Flooded Carpet Drying Perth

Flooded Or Wet Carpet – What To Do In A Water Damage Emergency

Do You Have Flooded Or Wet Carpet That Needs Urgent Drying?  We Can Help!  

Call 08 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746 For 24/7 Emergency Response

No one expects to wake up to or arrive home to flooded carpet and your home inundated with water, but it does happen and unfortunately way to often.  In the event that this happens to your home or business please call ProtectorClean’s 24 hour water damage restoration service, we will assist you in getting back to normal as soon as possible. 

Contact Us 08 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746 

Flooded carpet can result from several different sources including burst pipes, a leaking roof, blocked gutters, breaking fish tanks or water beds, or something as simple as an overflowing bathtub or sink.  When your home or business is flooded it is important to act quickly and have it dried out and returned to its normal condition as soon as possible.

The quicker the response the greater the chance of reducing or restricting further damage.  If left for too long, not only will the flooded carpets need replacing but structural damage to walls, floor boards and kitchen units may occur.  There is also the risk of mould and bacteria starting to grow!  As you can see, a quick response to treating flooded carpet is critical in reducing further damage and repair costs.

 Flooded Carpet – What We Do

Flooded carpet

How do you know if it is dry? Moisture meters are a must!

ProtectorClean is a cleaning and restoration company servicing the Perth metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs.  We provide a 24 hour flood and water damage emergency service so that these disasters can be responded to in a timely manner. Our water damage restoration service includes:

  • Fully trained technicians (I.I.C.R.C.)
  • Fully equipped emergency response vehicle
  • Water extraction equipment
  • Moisture meters
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air movers
  • Air quality management machines. e.g. air scrubbers and hydroxyl machines
  • Specialty / target drying equipment

Please visit our Water Damage Restoration web page for more information.

Other Services

Flooded carpet

Powerful air movers used to speed up the drying process!

Other cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:


Ph 08 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746

Contact Us

24 hour Water Damage Restoration Service

Perth Metro



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Tile and Grout Cleaning Joondalup

The Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Joondalup

Tile and grout cleaning Joondalup.  Do you want your tile and grout floors restored back to looking new again?  Give ProtectorClean Perth a call to discuss your needs.  

We are a local cleaning and restoration business based in Duncraig and frequently service Joondalup and Perth northern suburbs.  ProtectorClean was established in 2013 by owner and operator Kerrin Sampson with a commitment to deliver the best results and customer service first time and every time!  

Tile and Grout Cleaning Joondalup, What We Do?

Tile and grout cleaning Joondalup

Heavy duty cleaning of ceramic tile and grout

Our heavy duty tile and grout cleaning service is one of the best in Perth and Joondalup!  Why is this so?  Our results and customer testimonials speak for themselves!  Please check out our ‘Before & After’ photos and ‘Customer Testimonials’.  Over the past few years we have restored hundreds of dirty and weary tile and grout floors back to pristine condition, and this has not been by chance but rather by using ‘best practice’ cleaning procedures and processes on each and every tile and grout cleaning service. These include:

  • Tile identification.  Tiles generally range from ceramic, porcelain, terracotta to natural stone and it is very important to identify the tile correctly so that they are not damaged during the cleaning process and we know the correct cleaning procedure to follow for that particular type of tile.
  • Using the correct chemicals.  Many cleaning businesses only use one type of cleaning chemical to clean tile and grout.  The main reason for this is due to a lack of tile and chemistry knowledge on the part of the operator.  At ProtectorClean we know tiles and we know cleaning chemistry.  We use several types of quality tile and grout cleaning chemicals and problem solvers to ensure that the very best results are achieved on every tile and grout cleaning job.
  • Test before cleaning.  This is a critical step in the tile and grout cleaning process.  Testing the tile and grout before doing the full clean enables us to choose the best compatible chemical for the job as well as enabling us to see what the end cleaning result will look like before going any further. 
  • Using the best commercial grade equipment.  At ProtectorClean we only use the best commercial grade tile and grout cleaning machines including powerful truck-mounted pressure machines and scrubbers.  Our truck-mount machine delivers extremely hot water and the correct pressure to ensure optimal cleaning power.
  • Attention to detail.  Our attention to detail is first class.  This includes cleaning right up close to skirting boards, spot cleaning problem areas and ensuring no dirt and grime is left behind during the clean.
  • Safeguarding surrounding property and furnishing.  We have heard many horror stories about chemical solutions being over-sprayed on and staining walls, etching stainless steel fridges and dishwashers, discolouring carpets and causing swelling to skirting boards.  At ProtectorClean we pay particular attention to protecting your property and valuable furnishings.  Our safeguards include: corner guards to protect walls from hoses, drop-sheets to protect adjoining flooring such as carpet and timber, carefully mopping on our chemical solutions instead of spraying them on, and protecting your stainless steel appliances with plastic film if needed. 

Tile and Grout Cleaning Joondalup, Why Call Us?tile and grout cleaning Joondalup

Are you sick and tired of having dirty tile and grout?  Do you hate having to get down on your knees to scrub the grout?  If so, please give us a call to see if we can help restore your tile and grout back to new again!  We also specialise in removing grout haze, problem stain removal and cleaning and resealing terracotta and natural stone tiles.  We are so confident that you will love our affordable tile and grout cleaning service that we provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Other Services

While your tile and grout is being cleaned you may also be interested in having other areas of your home or business professionally cleaned by us on the same day.  Other cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:

DISCOUNTS are available if 2 or more services are carried out on the same day!

Call today for a free quote: (08) 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746
CLICK HERE to contact us via our Online Quote Form



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Shower Glass Cleaning and Protecting Perth

The Best Perth Shower Glass Cleaning Service

Do you want crystal clear shower glass?  Don’t despair, you don’t have to put up with the “impossible to get off” hard water staining on your shower glass!  Enquire today about ProtectorClean Perth shower glass cleaning service.  

Perth Shower Glass Cleaning

Heavily stained and frosted shower glass. Crystal clear results!

At ProtectorClean Perth we specialise in the removal of hard water staining, soap scum and returning your shower glass back to new again.  Our Perth shower glass cleaning service involves using the right tools and chemicals for the job to ensure the best results.

Our standard shower glass cleaning process involves:

  1. Visually inspecting the shower glass for defects, scratches and level of staining and soiling.
  2. Doing a small test clean to ensure that the desired results are achievable.
  3. Using specialised power tools, a variety of non-scratch cleaning pads and glass polish or paste to return the shower glass to crystal clear.

On average it takes between 45 to 60 minutes to restore a heavily stained single shower panel back to near new.

We can also apply a nano-tech protective coating which makes the freshly cleaned glass more water repellant and easier to keep clean. Before leaving we will also show you the best way to keep your freshly cleaned shower glass looking new for a long time into the future.  We also specialise in cleaning and protecting swimming pool glass fences and glass balustrading.

If you would like to know more about our Perth shower glass cleaning service please give us a call on 08 6555 7743 or fill out or Contact Us page on our website.

Not only do we specialise in Perth shower glass cleaning and protecting, we also offer the below professional cleaning and sealing services:

Call today for a free quote: (08) 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746
CLICK HERE to contact us via our Online Quote Form


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The Pros and Cons of Pressure Cleaning and Sealing Concrete Surfaces and Paving

Pressure Cleaning and Sealing Driveways, Paving, Exposed Aggregate, Liquid Limestone and Natural Stone

What are the pros and cons of pressure cleaning and sealing your driveway, concrete surfaces and paving?  Installing new concrete surfaces or paving is a big $$ investment and therefore you want to make sure the surface is looking great for years to come.  Leading up to installation you have probably been told several times to “make sure you get them sealed”.  But why?  

Sealing Pros  

pressure cleaning and sealing

Exposed aggregate concrete driveway. Pressure cleaning & sealing.

Pressure cleaning and sealing your concrete or paving will definitely help protect these surfaces and keep them looking good for a lot longer than not having them sealed.  The main benefits of pressure cleaning and sealing include:

  • Repelling Moisture.  This reduces water damage and wear to your concrete and pavers.  Sealants may assist in reducing or eliminating problems such as efflorescence where salts rise to the surface leaving somewhat ugly deposits on the surface.
  • Stain Protection.  A quality sealer will provide good resistance protection against water and oil based contaminants including motor oil, BBQ fats and oil, food and beverage spills as well as organic staining caused by leaves, flowers and fruit.  An unsealed porous surface will stain a lot quicker and it will be a lot more difficult to remove any staining compared to a sealed surface.  In saying this though, it is important to note that the protection provided by sealants is “resistance” only which means you need to clean the contaminant off as soon as possible otherwise it may break through the sealer and stain the surface.  Sealants are not “bullet proof”.

Common outdoor surfaces that we pressure clean and seal in Perth include:

  • concrete
  • pavers / paving
  • exposed aggregate
  • liquid limestone
  • travertine
  • granite
  • natural stone
  • freostone paving

Sealing Cons  

pressure cleaning and sealing

Pressure cleaning and sealing paving in Sorrento

We have covered the benefits of having your concrete and paving sealed, but what are the drawbacks?

The two main drawbacks to having your concrete and paving sealed are 1) Regular Maintenance, and 2) Resealing.

  1.  Regular Maintenance.  The biggest myth regarding having your concrete or paving sealed is “if you get them sealed they will never get dirty again”.  This could not be more further from the truth.  A sealed concrete or paving surface will still get dirty and algae and moss will still tend to grow in damp and poorly drained areas.  To ensure the sealer works to its optimum ability it is recommended that the following maintenance schedule be followed:
    • Sweep, blow or hose off the area regularly.
    • Spot clean off any contaminants as soon as they occur.  Contaminants left on a sealed surface will slowly break through the sealant and stain the surface!  Use a neutral pH cleaning chemical.  Do not use high alkaline, acidic or solvent based chemicals as these can breakdown or damage the sealer.
    • Pressure cleaning the surface every 6 to 12 months.
  2. Resealing.  Unfortunately concrete and paving sealers do not last forever.  On average a good quality sealer will last up to 5 years.  Therefore to ensure that your sealer continues to perform it is recommended that you pressure clean and reseal / topcoat your concrete and paved areas every 3 to 4 years.  This is an additional cost you need to consider when deciding whether to seal or not to seal.

Types of Sealant  

Pressure cleaning and sealing

Newly installed travertine pavers. Clean and seal.

There are two main types of sealants.  1)  Coating type or film forming, and 2) Clear penetrating sealers.

  1. Coating Type or Film Forming Sealants protect your concrete and  pavers by blocking the harmful effects of water and other staining contaminants via an acrylic coating. This sealant type creates a hard wearing barrier on the surface and provides a fresh-looking sheen to the surface, often accentuating its colours by creating a “wet look”.  Coating type sealers are the easiest to keep clean.
  2. Clear penetrating Sealers protect your concrete and pavers by blocking the harmful effects of water and other staining contaminants via an invisible sub-surface barrier, similar to how scotchguard works on your lounge suite.  This sealant type provides your surface with a non-coating natural look and will not peel or flake.


Fact – Pressure cleaning and sealing your outdoor hard surfaces will definitely help protect and keep your concrete and paved areas looking great for years to come.  BUT, it is just as important to realise that with a sealed surface comes responsibility… that there are ongoing maintenance and resealing requirements to consider to ensure that the sealant performs to its optimum ability year after year.

For more information on pressure cleaning and sealing your concrete and paving please call ProtectorClean on 08 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746 or fill out our online Contact Us Form

Other Services

While your paving and concrete areas are being pressure cleaned and sealed you may also be interested in having other areas of your home or business professionally cleaned by us on the same day.  Other cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:

DISCOUNTS are available if 2 or more services are carried out on the same day!

Call today for a free quote: (08) 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746
CLICK HERE to contact us via our Online Quote Form



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Cleaning Tiles. Fed Up With It?

“I love scrubbing and cleaning tiles and grout”… said no one ever!

Cleaning tiles is a thankless job and honestly you probably have better things to do with your time off.

Want your home to look its best but tired of cleaning tiles and scrubbing grout?

Nothing looks nicer than sparkling clean tiles and crisp white grout but unless you’ve just renovated or moved into a brand new cleaning tileshome, every day family life will have taken its toll on your tile and grout surfaces.

Over time tiles can develop a build up of soils, oils and grime and grout can become clogged with grime, oils and dirt… but keep calm – help is at hand!

ProtectorClean is a locally owned Perth based business that offers a quality and reliable tile and grout cleaning and sealing service for residential and commercial customers in Perth and surrounding areas.

Our secret is our professional tile cleaning system, which combines the right chemicals, high-pressure, high-heat, and vacuum recovery.  The tile and grout cleaning process can remove years of grime and dirt build-up from your tile and grout while simultaneously capturing all traces of water, chemical and debris. This ensures your tiles and grout are left super clean, dry and ready for use.

Cleaning tiles…for optimum results it’s a two-step process

  1. Have your tiles and grout professionally cleaned and then protect the grout to help prevent future staining.
  1. For maximum effectiveness, use a high quality, deep penetrating grout sealer, it’s great for heavy-use areas like kitchen splash-backs and high traffic floor areas.

Why choose ProtectorClean’s tile cleaning service?

cleaning tiles Perhaps you’ve just renovated or built your dream home and want your tile and grout to be protected and looking new for years to come.

 You are house proud and like your tile and grout floors looking their best year in year out.

 Maybe you’re bored with the current colour scheme and you’d like a makeover that doesn’t cost a fortune…then have your grout lines colour sealed.

 You may have decided to sell your home and naturally you want it to look its best.

Whatever the scenario, you can relax, help is at hand.  Expert tile and grout cleaning and sealing solutions by the professionals are very affordable.

So who do you call for cleaning tiles in Perth?

If dirty tiles and grout are making you grumpy then give ProtectorClean a call. They’re Perth’s hard surface cleaning and sealing specialists and have solutions for every tile and grout catastrophe.

Why not visit www.www.protectorclean.com.au and get a free quote using the online ‘Contact Us Form’ or give us a call on 08 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746.

Not only do we specialise in cleaning tiles, grout cleaning and sealing, we also offer the below professional cleaning and sealing services:

Call today for a free quote: (08) 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746
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Advantages of Pressure Cleaning for Your Home

Pressure Washing For Your Home

Pressure washing, is it beneficial?  Appearances matter, whether it’s your home or office, stained and dirty driveways, paving or flooring give the impression that you’ve let things slide and that’s never a good look.

Nothing stays looking new forever. Over time it’s inevitable that your brand new driveway, paving, swimming pool surrounds or entertainment areas will become weathered. Weathering is good if you want a new building to settle into a landscape or a garden ornament to look like an antique. The same can’t be said for other hard surfaces – dingy looking paving or pool surrounds make a property look uncared for and can knock thousands off the potential value of your home.

It’s the same for commercial flooring – you want to preserve your reputation, your premises should present as well organised, clean, tidy and professional.

Four good reasons to pressure wash your home if you’re thinking of selling:

Pressure washing

Pressure cleaning liquid limestone around a swimming pool using vacuum equipment. No mess!

• Pressure cleaning, also known as pressure washing is an affordable way to improve the look and increase the value of your home.

• Curb appeal is important, pressure washing your Perth home removes stains, dirt and mildew that makes a home look unattractive.

• Save on costly exterior home repairs by keeping it clean – it deters rot and decay and can extend the life of your cladding, driveway, porch and deck.

• Protecting your driveway, paving, entertainment areas etc from dirt, mould, mildew and algae reduces the risk of slipping and falling.


There’s clean and there’s clean

The big advantage of the ProtectorClean pressure washing process is that it removes dirt, stains, discolouration and grime from your concrete, paving, liquid limestone and other hard surfaces, restoring their finish and improving the cleanliness and appearance of your property.

Plus our state of the art vacuum recovery system has zero to minimal run-off, so cleaning products are prevented from entering the stormwater drains and river systems, making our process significantly more environmentally friendly than others.  It is also great for pressure washing around swimming pools ensuring that the dirty waste water stays out of the pool.  The last thing you want is a clean pool surrounding but then having to spend additional time and money cleaning out the swimming pool and adding extra chemicals.  Our unique vacuum equipments prevents this from happening.

Lock in the look

Once your concrete, paving, liquid limestone or exposed aggregate surfaces are freshly pressure washed, ProtectorClean can seal the job so that your surfaces are protected from water and oil-based contaminants and to help them stay cleaner for longer. Because we use only the best quality coating and penetrating sealants you get the best and longest-lasting results.

How can ProtectorClean help?

ProtectorClean offers extensive high pressure washing services for both residential and commercial applications in Perth and surrounding areas, including:

Driveways – concrete, exposed aggregate, liquid limestone and paving

Paving – pool surrounds, alfresco areas and garden pathways

Internal concrete flooring – commercial warehouses, factories and cold-rooms

Sporting surfaces – tennis courts, basketball courts and aquatic centres

Whatever the job, ProtectorClean is here to help. Give us a call on 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746 or visit us online for a free quote.

Other Services

While your paving and concrete areas are being pressure cleaned you may also be interested in having other areas of your home or business professionally cleaned by us on the same day.  Other cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:

DISCOUNTS are available if 2 or more services are carried out on the same day!

Call today for a free quote: (08) 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746
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Natural Stone Protection With A ‘Two-In-One’ Enhancing Sealer

Choosing natural stone for your flooring or feature walls is an investment and in order to protect your investment one of the most important steps to take is to have your stone sealed.  One of the best ways to protect your natural stone from staining or weathering is to treat it with a protective sealer such as a penetrating or coating sealer.

Below is a natural stone clean and seal that we recently completed.  The swimming pool stone feature wall is about 5 years old and was subject to rust staining and weathering.  After we removed the rust stains a quality Enhancing Penetrating Sealer was applied to not only protect the stone for years to come but it also gave the stone a permanent enhanced or ‘wet look’ that significant improved the look of the wall.

Key features of our natural stone enhancing penetrating sealer:

  • Rejuvenates the colour and improves the appearance of worn and weathered stone
  • Provides excellent stain resistance
  • Does not alter the slip resistance of the sealed surface
  • Allows moisture-vapour transmission / allows the sealed surface to breath
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) which is a safer for both you and the environment
  • May last up to 15 years

If you would like to know more about our pressure cleaning and sealing services please call Kerrin on 0437 537 746 or fill out the Contact Us form and we will be in touch soon.


Natural Stone Sealing


Other Services

While your hard surfaces are being sealed or protected you may also be interested in having other areas of your home professionally cleaned by us on the same day.  Other cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:

DISCOUNTS are available if 2 or more services are carried out on the same day!


Call today for a free quote: (08) 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746
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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Below is a photo of a recent Perth commercial carpet cleaning service we provided to a local sporting club in Swanbourne.  This carpet had not been cleaned for a number of years and as you can see a significant amount of dirt and soiling had built up over time.  In order to thoroughly clean the carpet a powerful steam cleaning process was required.

Our Perth Commercial Carpet Cleaning process involves:

  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Pre-spray with a quality heavy duty carpet cleaning chemical solution
  • Heavy duty scrubbing with an orbital scrubbing machine
  • Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) using 100+ degree celsius water.  Our very powerful carpet cleaning machine ensures very quick drying times of between 3 & 5 hours!
  • Spot cleaning difficult stains that could not be removed during the steam cleaning process
  • Grooming or raking the carpet to re-align the fibres

Perth businesses that we provide Commercial Carpet Cleaning services to include:

  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Medical centres
  • Sporting clubs
  • Daycare centres
  • Retirement and Lifestyle Villages
  • and many more

Benefits of using ProtectorClean for your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Requirements:

  • Option of using either our powerful Hot Water Extraction (HWE or steam cleaning) method or Very Low Moisture (VLM or Encapsulation) method
  • Very quick dry times.  Dry within 1 – 2 hours!
  • We work in with your business needs and can complete the clean either during or after business hours, which ever suits
  • We use only the best carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals to ensure we deliver the best results
  • We are fully trained and insured

To find out more about our Perth Commercial Carpet Cleaning service please visit our Services webpage


Perth commercial carpet cleaning

Other Services

While your carpets are being cleaned you may also be interested in having other areas of your home or business professionally cleaned by us on the same day.  Other professional cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:

DISCOUNTS are available if 2 or more services are carried out on the same day!


Call today for a free quote: (08) 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746
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Shower Glass Cleaning Perth Northern Suburbs

Shower glass cleaning Perth northern suburbs.  At ProtectorClean Perth we specialise in cleaning, restoring and protecting shower glass.  If you have shower glass embedded with calcium and hard water stains and find it impossible to clean off, please give Kerrin at ProtectorClean a call on 0437 537 746 to discuss or fill out our online Contact Us form.

Shower glass cleaning Perth northern suburbsShower glass cleaning Perth northern suburbs – Protect with a nano-tech coating

After your shower glass has been returned to crystal clear we will then treat the freshly cleaned glass with a special glass coating (nanotechnology) to help reduce the future cleaning maintenance required.

The benefits of applying a nanotech glass coating includes:

  • Repels water and dirt
  • Makes the glass surface easier to clean
  • Provides excellent abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Commercial grade and lasts for several years

Shower glass cleaning Perth northern suburbs – Maintenance

Once your shower glass has been cleaned and protected the recommended maintenance program involves:

  • Cleaning at least weekly with a microfibre cloth then drying streak free with a glass polish cloth.
  • If hard water deposits and soap scum start to build up over time, this can be easily removed using a non-scratch nylon pad and a non-toxic, biodegradable glass cleaning power (that we can provide).

After having your shower glass cleaned and protected by ProtectorClean and following our maintenance instructions you can expect your shower glass to stay crystal clear for years to come!

Shower glass cleaning Perth Northern suburbs – Other services

While your shower glass is being cleaned and protected you may also be interested in having other areas of your home or business professionally cleaned by us on the same day.  Other cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:

DISCOUNTS are available if 2 or more services are carried out on the same day!

Call today for a free quote: (08) 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746
CLICK HERE to contact us via our Online Quote Form






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Grout Colour Sealing – A Lower Cost Option Compared To Re-Grouting Or Replacing Tiles

Grout Colour Sealing Perth

Recently we transformed a Perth customer’s tile and grout floor by colour sealing the old and stained grout lines with a quality grout colour sealer.  This commercial grade grout colour sealer not only seals the grout but also gives the grout and floor a fresh ‘new’ look.  With 16 colours to choose from, Perth Grout Colour Sealing is the perfect solution to renewing the look of your tile and grout floors.

The benefits of grout colour sealing include:

  • Grout Colour Sealing is less expensive than re-grouting or replacing your tiles.
  • A variety of 16 colours to choose from.
  • A quicker and less messy process than re-grouting or replacing tiles.
  • Not only does grout colour sealing renew the look of your grout but it also seals the grout lines which significantly helps in keeping the grout cleaner for longer.

Grout Colour Sealing is perfect for:

  • Most ceramic and porcelain tile and grout floors in kitchens, hallways, dining and living rooms
  • Toilet and laundry floors both at home or at your business premises
  • Renewing worn and weary looking grout lines
  • When you want to spruce up or enjoy a “change of scenery” in your home or business but am not prepared to spend big $$ in having the tile and grout floors removed and replaced.

Grout Colour Sealing

Grout Colour Sealing 60m2 of Tile & Grout. Colour – Architectural Grey

Other Services

While your tile and grout is being cleaned and sealed you may also be interested in having other areas of your home or business professionally cleaned by us on the same day.  Other cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:

DISCOUNTS are available if 2 or more services are carried out on the same day!

Call today for a free quote: (08) 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746
CLICK HERE to contact us via our Online Quote Form


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Office Chair Cleaning

Office chair cleaning. Something that often gets neglected considering office workers spend anywhere between 38 and 60 hours per week sitting at their desks!

ProtectorClean specialises in office chair cleaning

ProtectorClean specialises in office chair cleaning

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Stain Removal From Concrete

Heavy duty leaf and pollen stain removal from concrete in Gnangara, Perth WA.  The solution to this problem was a heavy duty chemical wash and high pressure cleaning.  The results were outstanding and to help reduce or prevent future staining a quality clear penetrating sealer was applied to the freshly cleaned concrete.
Stain removal from concrete
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Perth pressure washing and sealing exposed aggregate driveway

Perth Pressure Washing & Sealing

Below is a ‘before & after’ photo of a recent Perth pressure washing and sealing service that we completed on an exposed aggregate driveway.  The driveway which was originally sealed 5 years ago was in desperate need of a chemical wash and high pressure clean before being resealed again.

The chemical wash and 3,500 psi pressure clean (using our unique vacuum recovery equipment) made the surface look near new again to the delight of our customers.  The freshly pressure cleaned exposed aggregate driveway was then sealed with a quality high-gloss clear coating sealant.Perth Pressure Washing


Benefits of Pressure Washing & Sealing Exposed Aggregate Concrete

The main reason to have your concrete or paving pressure cleaned and sealed is to help protect the surface from chemicals, oils, dirt and other contaminants as well as protecting it from weathering and deteriorating from our harsh Aussie climate.

It is important to note that although concrete and paving sealers provide a high level of protection or resistance to chemicals, oils and other contaminants, they are not ‘bullet proof’ and forever lasting.  At ProtectorClean we recommend that once a surface has been sealed, a routine maintenance program be followed to ensure that the sealer performs to its optimum ability year in, year out.

Exposed aggregate concrete is not the hard surface we pressure clean and seal.  Other surfaces include:  paving, liquid limestone, concrete and natural stone such as travertine and granite.

Tips to keep your sealed surface cleaner for longer include:

  1. Regularly sweep and hose off the sealed concrete or paving
  2. Spot clean contaminants from the surface as soon as possible.  Only use a neutral pH cleaning solution as hash alkaline and acid cleaners may damage or weaken the sealer
  3. Lightly pressure clean the sealed surface at least once a year
  4. Reseal the concrete or pavers every 3 to 5 years

At ProtectorClean we only use quality sealer products.  They include:

  1. Clear Penetrating Sealers for a natural look and feel. (Water based and solvent based)
  2. Clear Coating / Topical Sealers for a low sheen or gloss look and feel. (Water based and solvent based)

As part of our Perth pressure washing service we use specialist vacuum equipment which enables us to capture the majority of the waste water as we pressure clean.  The advantage of this is that it prevents the dirty waste water from flowing into your clean swimming pool or your neighbours yard!  We also find that this vacuum process results in a superior clean as at the end of the job there is no waste water left lying around.

If you would like to know more about our Perth pressure washing and sealing service, please feel free to call us or email us.


Other Services

While your paving or concrete surface is being pressure cleaned and sealed you may also be interested in having other areas of your home or business professionally cleaned by us on the same day.  Other cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:

DISCOUNTS are available if 2 or more services are carried out on the same day!

Call today for a free quote: (08) 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746
CLICK HERE to contact us via our Online Quote Form


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Perth Carpet Steam Cleaning and Stain Removal

Carpet Steam Cleaning with ProtectorClean

What is Carpet Steam Cleaning?

What we commonly refer to as carpet steam cleaning is better known in the carpet cleaning industry as hot water extraction cleaning. 

This method works by pre-spraying the carpet with a suitable cleaning solution so that any dirt and soiling is released and suspended from the carpet fibres.

Very hot water is then injected into the carpet under high pressure and instantaneously extracted or flushed out using a powerful vacuum system.  This is usually conducted by the technician using a carpet cleaning wand.

When the waste water is extracted, the dirt, soiling and cleaning solution is completely removed leaving a slightly damp but very clean carpet. 

At times not all staining is removed during the steam cleaning process and this may require additional stain removal techniques to be used. 

After steam cleaning, and depending on your climate the carpet should only take a few hours to dry and no more than 24 hours.  A properly trained and qualified carpet steam cleaning technician will ensure that no excess water is left behind during the extraction phase which can prolong the carpet drying or even damage the carpet.

Carpet steam cleaning PerthThe Benefits of Using ProtectorClean

  • Carpet cleaning industry trained and qualified technicians
  • Professional, prompt and friendly customer service
  • Commercial & residential services
  • Police cleared
  • Fully insured
  • We use only the best carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning products to achieve the very best results
  • The fastest dry times
  • Competitive pricing with not hidden costs
  • Have all your cleaning requirements done in the one day!  We provide multiple services including tile & grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pressure cleaning and shower glass cleaning.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


Call today for a free quote: (08) 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746
CLICK HERE to contact us via our Online Quote Form


Other Services

While your carpets are being steamed cleaned you may also be interested in having other areas of your home or business professionally cleaned by us on the same day.  Other cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:

DISCOUNTS are available if 2 or more services are carried out on the same day!


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Ensure your tile and grout flooring is sealed with the correct sealer

Fixing someone else’s mistake…it is important to know the correct sealer to use (if any) when trying to seal your tile and grout floor. This newly installed tile and grout floor was incorrectly sealed leaving an unsightly and sticky residue on the surface. To fix this, an intensive chemical and mechanical stripping process was required.

IMG_2310 before IMG_2312 After




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Pressure Cleaning Liquid Limestone

Pressure Cleaning Liquid Limestone Perth

ProtectorClean specialises in pressure cleaning liquid limestone, exposed aggregate and paving.  Don’t let your dirty pavers and liquid limestone stop you from enjoying Perth’s great outdoor weather during the spring and summer months!  Prepare now by having your concrete, paving, driveway and liquid limestone pressure cleaned and sealed by ProtectorClean.  Our pressure cleaning liquid limestone service includes pressure cleaning up to 4,000 psi in combination with a chemical wash which will easily clean the heaviest build up of dirt, moss and algae from your concrete surfaces.  We also use powerful vacuum equipment which extracts or picks up all the waste water and debris as we clean.  This means no water and debris run off into neighbours yards, no pooling of water and mud in poorly drained areas and no sludge going into your swimming pool…NO MESS!

If you would like your freshly cleaned liquid limestone, exposed aggregate or paving sealed afterwards, ProtectorClean specialises in the application of quality natural look penetrating sealers as well as low gloss coating sealers.  Sealing your hard surfaces will help protect them against staining as well as making it easier to clean.

Below are some before and after photos of a recent job pressure cleaning and sealing liquid limestone:


pressure cleaning liquid limestone

pressure cleaning liquid limestone

Before: liquid limestone front entrance

pressure cleaning liquid limestone

After: liquid limestone front entranc

pressure cleaning liquid limestone

Pressure cleaning with vacuum equipment


Call today for a free quote: (08) 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746
CLICK HERE to contact us via our Online Quote Form


Other Services

While your liquid limestone, exposed aggregate, paving or concrete surface is being pressure cleaned and sealed you may also be interested in having other areas of your home professionally cleaned by us on the same day.  Other cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:

DISCOUNTS are available if 2 or more services are carried out on the same day!











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Stripping and re-sealing exposed aggregate concrete

In order to maintain a good appearance and functionality, concrete surfaces that have been sealed with a coating type sealer should be pressure cleaned and re-coated every 12 to 18 months.  Unfortunately, before you know it, it is 3 to 5 years later and the sealed concrete surface is looking very stained, yellowed and dirty.  In these instances there is a good chance that the sealer is permanently impregnated with staining and will need to be completely stripped and then resealed..a timely and costly process.  Below is an example of a sealed exposed aggregate concrete surface that needed stripping and then re-sealing.  Notice all the stains and dirt that are lodged in the sealer prior to stripping, the majority of which were able to be removed during the stripping process.


Strip & re-seal exposed aggregate - BEFORE

Strip & re-seal exposed aggregate – BEFORE

Strip & re-seal exposed aggregate - AFTER

Strip & re-seal exposed aggregate – AFTER

Strip & re-seal exposed aggregate - BEFORE

Strip & re-seal exposed aggregate – BEFORE

Strip & re-seal exposed aggregate - AFTER

Strip & re-seal exposed aggregate – AFTER

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Pressure Washing Perth – Specialist Vacuum System for Around Pools

One of the main problems with pressure cleaning around pools or in poorly drained areas is where does the waste water escape to?  What normally happens is you end up with very clean pavers but with your pool now looking worse for wear, full of muddy water and debris… a costly and timely problem to fix.  At ProtectorClean we use purpose built vacuum equipment that attaches to our pressure cleaning machine and sucks up the waste water as we clean.  This means that not only will you have very clean paving but your pool or other poorly drained areas will not be left full of muddy waste water.  Another benefit is the waste water collected by us can be used to water your lawns and gardens instead of going down the drain. The below photos are examples of surfaces cleaned by us using our pressure cleaning vacuum equipment.

Pressure cleaning with vacuum recovery. No mess!

Pressure cleaning with vacuum recovery. No mess!




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Commercial Tile Cleaning Perth

Commercial Tile Cleaning Perth

ProtectorClean provides quality commercial tile cleaning services to customers in the Perth metro area.  Our tile cleaning services include:

  • New build cleans including grout haze removal, paint removal and resolving other problematic tile and grout issues
  • Heavy duty commercial tile cleaning as part of your end of lease contact
  • Creating a great ‘first impressions’ feel to your business premises by bringing the tile and grout floors back to a new look finish
  • Restoring old and worn tile and grout instead of having to replace them.  Save $$$
  • Sealing tile and grout to help protect them from staining and to reduce maintenance cleaning requirements

Our Commercial Tile Cleaning Process

To achieve the best commercial tile cleaning results we:

  • Use high powered commercial cleaning equipment including scrubbing machines and pressure and vacuum extraction machines
  • Use quality and purpose specific chemicals depending on the type of cleaning or restoration required
  • Test, test, test.  Comprehensive testing is completed prior to the commencement of every job to ensure we use the right process and chemicals to achieve the best results

EXAMPLE:  The tiles below are set in a communal laundry and bathroom and over the years have succumbed to severe soil build up and staining.  Our customer who was renovating the building wanted to know if the tile and grout could be restored to a satisfactory level instead of having them replaced. Our test clean results came up favourable and we proceeded to carry out a heavy duty tile and grout cleaning and stripping procedure.  The results were quite amazing and having the tile and grout cleaned and restored instead of having them replaced ended up saving our customer a lot of time and money.

Commercial tile cleaning

Other Services

Other cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:

DISCOUNTS are available if 2 or more cleaning services are carried out on the same day!


Call today for a free quote: (08) 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746
CLICK HERE to contact us via our Online Quote Form



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Professional Tile Grout Cleaning. What is it?

Perth’s Best Professional Tile Grout Cleaning Service!

Recently we were asked to clean and seal a bathroom’s tile and grout prior to the new owners moving in to their new home.  To do this the tile and grout had to be thoroughly cleaned or as we in the industry say it required “professional cleaning”.  So, what exactly is professional tile grout cleaning?

Professional tile grout cleaning can best be described as a very deep and thorough cleaning process with an objective of returning the tile and grout to as near new a condition as possible.  The professional cleaning process generally involves using:

– Specialist tile and grout cleaning chemicals including alkaline, acidic and other problem solving chemical solutions.

– Heat.  Very hot water significantly improves cleaning power.

– Agitation or scrubbing the chemical solution into the tile and grout to help dislodge and remove all the grime, oil and dirt.

– Dwell time.  Letting the chemical solution sit long enough on the tile and grout for it to penetrate and dislodge, remove and suspend all the dirt and grime, and

– Commercial grade tile and grout cleaning equipment. e.g. scrubbing machines and high pressure, hot water extraction (HWE) machines to speed up the cleaning process as well as to improve the cleaning results.

As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words…below are several before, during and after photos of this bathroom restoration grout cleaning service.

tile grout cleaning
Tile grout cleaning – Before.You may not be able to see it but there are years of grime and scum build up on these floors.
Please note – This floor had just, within 30 minutes prior to us carrying out this restoration cleaning service, been professionally cleaned by a general cleaner.


tile grout cleaning
Professional tile grout cleaning – During.Dislodging years of scum, grime & dirt build up using specialist tile & grout cleaning chemicals & equipment.


tile grout cleaning
Professional tile grout cleaning – During.And to think you walk on bathroom tile and grout every day with your bare feet!


tile grout cleaning
Professional tile grout cleaning – During….bacteria, germs, who knows what else!


tile grout cleaning

Tile grout cleaning – After.
Very clean tile & grout and happy customers.

Please feel free to call us on 08 6555 7743 to discuss your tile grout cleaning and restoration needs.

Call today for a free quote: (08) 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746
CLICK HERE to contact us via our Online Quote Form


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July 2013 Newsletter

ProtectorClean’s July 2013 Newsletter

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ProtectorClean is now an Independent Applicator of Grout Perfect’s Colour Sealer

ProtectorClean has recently become an Independent Applicator of Grout Perfect’s Colour Sealer and has been achieving some great results for our Perth customers who are sick and tired of their stained and worn out grout lines.  Grout recolouring has become very popular for home owners who are tired of ugly grout.

Grout Perfect’s Colour Seal is used to:
  • Change grout colours without replacing grout.
  • Eliminate grout discolouration, mildew and stains.
  • Brighten existing faded or out-dated grout back to new again.
  • Eliminate impossible permanent staining and soil build up.
  • No  need for harsh chemicals being used again, no more scrubbing.
  • Create consistent uniform grout colour for better appearance.
  • Reduce cleaning labour for home and office personnel.
  • Make that white, pure white again, even around the toilet.
  • Save thousands in replacing your tiled floor if you have ugly grout.
  • Redecorate!  No need to replace that expensive tiled floor.
  • Improve your homes value when it comes time to sell.
  • Make that old tile floor look new again.
  • Protect new grout installations before you move in.

With Grout Perfect’s Coloured Sealer your grout will look new and stay that way for well over 10 years!  Grout Perfect’s Colour Sealer is an acrylic titanium resin that has a urethane modified sealing agent applied and concrete hardeners to give extra strength in bonding to cementous grout.  Grout Perfect’s Colour Sealer is as thick as pancake batter!  It not only penetrates the surface of the grout but also coats the surface of the grout.  Grout Perfect’s colour sealer provides the highest degree of stain protection and greatly reduces the maintenance required to keep your grout looking at its best.

Grout Perfect’s Colour Sealer Colour Chart

There are now 17 different colours to choose from:

BEFORE Grout Colour Sealing

BEFORE Grout Colour Sealing

AFTER Grout Colour Sealing

AFTER Grout Colour Sealing

BEFORE grout colour sealing

BEFORE grout colour sealing

AFTER grout colour sealing

AFTER grout colour sealing

  • Bright white
  • Mist white
  • Alabaster
  • Oak
  • Antique ivory
  • Malibu sand
  • Quartz
  • Jamoca
  • Light grey
  • Delorean grey
  • Platinum
  • Architectual grey
  • Taupe twist
  • Light pewter
  • Light pewter 2
  • Charcoal
  • Jet black



For more information on Grout Colour Sealing or if you would like a free quote and demo please call ProtectorClean on 08 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746

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June 2013 Newsletter

ProtectorClean’s June 2013 Newsletter 

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