Cleaning Tiles. Fed Up With It?

“I love scrubbing and cleaning tiles and grout”… said no one ever!

Cleaning tiles is a thankless job and honestly you probably have better things to do with your time off.

Want your home to look its best but tired of cleaning tiles and scrubbing grout?

Nothing looks nicer than sparkling clean tiles and crisp white grout but unless you’ve just renovated or moved into a brand new cleaning tileshome, every day family life will have taken its toll on your tile and grout surfaces.

Over time tiles can develop a build up of soils, oils and grime and grout can become clogged with grime, oils and dirt… but keep calm – help is at hand!

ProtectorClean is a locally owned Perth based business that offers a quality and reliable tile and grout cleaning and sealing service for residential and commercial customers in Perth and surrounding areas.

Our secret is our professional tile cleaning system, which combines the right chemicals, high-pressure, high-heat, and vacuum recovery.  The tile and grout cleaning process can remove years of grime and dirt build-up from your tile and grout while simultaneously capturing all traces of water, chemical and debris. This ensures your tiles and grout are left super clean, dry and ready for use.

Cleaning tiles…for optimum results it’s a two-step process

  1. Have your tiles and grout professionally cleaned and then protect the grout to help prevent future staining.
  1. For maximum effectiveness, use a high quality, deep penetrating grout sealer, it’s great for heavy-use areas like kitchen splash-backs and high traffic floor areas.

Why choose ProtectorClean’s tile cleaning service?

cleaning tiles Perhaps you’ve just renovated or built your dream home and want your tile and grout to be protected and looking new for years to come.

 You are house proud and like your tile and grout floors looking their best year in year out.

 Maybe you’re bored with the current colour scheme and you’d like a makeover that doesn’t cost a fortune…then have your grout lines colour sealed.

 You may have decided to sell your home and naturally you want it to look its best.

Whatever the scenario, you can relax, help is at hand.  Expert tile and grout cleaning and sealing solutions by the professionals are very affordable.

So who do you call for cleaning tiles in Perth?

If dirty tiles and grout are making you grumpy then give ProtectorClean a call. They’re Perth’s hard surface cleaning and sealing specialists and have solutions for every tile and grout catastrophe.

Why not visit and get a free quote using the online ‘Contact Us Form’ or give us a call on 08 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746.

Not only do we specialise in cleaning tiles, grout cleaning and sealing, we also offer the below professional cleaning and sealing services:

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