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Commercial Tile Cleaning Perth

Commercial Tile Cleaning Perth

ProtectorClean provides quality commercial tile cleaning services to customers in the Perth metro area. Our tile cleaning services include:

  1. New build cleans including grout haze removal, paint removal and resolving other problematic tile and grout issues

  2. Heavy duty commercial tile cleaning as part of your end of lease contact

  3. Creating a great ‘first impressions’ feel to your business premises by bringing the tile and grout floors back to a new look finish

  4. Restoring old and worn tile and grout instead of having to replace them. Save $$$

  5. Sealing tile and grout to help protect them from staining and to reduce maintenance cleaning requirements

Our Commercial Tile Cleaning Process

To achieve the best commercial tile cleaning results we:

  1. Use high powered commercial cleaning equipment including scrubbing machines and pressure and vacuum extraction machines

  2. Use quality and purpose specific chemicals depending on the type of cleaning or restoration required

  3. Test, test, test. Comprehensive testing is completed prior to the commencement of every job to ensure we use the right process and chemicals to achieve the best results

EXAMPLE: The tiles below are set in a communal laundry and bathroom and over the years have succumbed to severe soil build up and staining. Our customer who was renovating the building wanted to know if the tile and grout could be restored to a satisfactory level instead of having them replaced. Our test clean results came up favourable and we proceeded to carry out a heavy duty tile and grout cleaning and stripping procedure. The results were quite amazing and having the tile and grout cleaned and restored instead of having them replaced ended up saving our customer a lot of time and money.

Commercial tile cleaning

Other Services

Other cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:

DISCOUNTS are available if 2 or more cleaning services are carried out on the same day!

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