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©2020 by ProtectorClean. 

    ProtectorClean is an Independent Applicator of Grout Perfect’s Colour Sealer

    ProtectorClean is an Independent Applicator of Grout Perfect’s Colour Sealer and has been achieving great results for our Perth customers who are sick and tired of their stained and worn out grout lines.  Grout recolouring has become very popular for home owners who are tired of ugly grout.

    Grout Perfect’s Colour Seal is used to:

    1. Change grout colours without replacing grout.

    2. Eliminate grout discolouration, mildew and stains.

    3. Brighten existing faded or out-dated grout back to new again.

    4. Reduce permanent staining and soil build up.

    5. No need for harsh chemicals being used again, no more scrubbing.

    6. Create consistent uniform grout colour for better appearance.

    7. Reduce cleaning labour for home and office personnel.

    8. Make that white, pure white again, even around the toilet.

    9. Save thousands in replacing your tiled floor if you have ugly grout.

    10. Redecorate!  No need to replace that expensive tiled floor.

    11. Improve your homes value when it comes time to sell.

    12. Make that old tile floor look new again.

    13. Protect new grout installations before you move in.

    With Grout Perfect’s Coloured Sealer your grout will look new and stay that way for well over 10 years!  Grout Perfect’s Colour Sealer is an acrylic titanium resin that has a urethane modified sealing agent applied and concrete hardeners to give extra strength in bonding to cementous grout.  Grout Perfect’s Colour Sealer is as thick as pancake batter!  It not only penetrates the surface of the grout but also coats the surface of the grout.  Grout Perfect’s colour sealer provides the highest degree of stain protection and greatly reduces the maintenance required to keep your grout looking at its best.

    Grout Perfect’s Colour Sealer Colour Chart

    There are now 17 different colours to choose from:

    BEFORE Grout Colour Sealing

    AFTER Grout Colour Sealing

    BEFORE grout colour sealing

    AFTER grout colour sealing

    1. Bright white

    2. Mist white

    3. Alabaster

    4. Oak

    5. Antique ivory

    6. Malibu sand

    7. Quartz

    8. Jamoca

    9. Light grey

    10. Delorean grey

    11. Platinum

    12. Architectual grey

    13. Taupe twist

    14. Light pewter

    15. Light pewter 2

    16. Charcoal

    17. Jet black

    For more information on Grout Colour Sealing or if you would like a free quote and demo please call ProtectorClean on 08 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746