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Perth pressure washing and sealing exposed aggregate driveway

Perth Pressure Washing & Sealing

Below is a ‘before & after’ photo of a recent Perth pressure washing and sealing service that we completed on an exposed aggregate driveway. The driveway which was originally sealed 5 years ago was in desperate need of a chemical wash and high pressure clean before being resealed again.

The chemical wash and 3,500 psi pressure clean (using our unique vacuum recovery equipment) made the surface look near new again to the delight of our customers. The freshly pressure cleaned exposed aggregate driveway was then sealed with a quality high-gloss clear coating sealant.

Perth Pressure Washing

Benefits of Pressure Washing & Sealing Exposed Aggregate Concrete

The main reason to have your concrete or paving pressure cleaned and sealed is to help protect the surface from chemicals, oils, dirt and other contaminants as well as protecting it from weathering and deteriorating from our harsh Aussie climate.

It is important to note that although concrete and paving sealers provide a high level of protection or resistance to chemicals, oils and other contaminants, they are not ‘bullet proof’ and forever lasting. At ProtectorClean we recommend that once a surface has been sealed, a routine maintenance program be followed to ensure that the sealer performs to its optimum ability year in, year out.

Exposed aggregate concrete is not the hard surface we pressure clean and seal. Other surfaces include: paving, liquid limestone, concrete and natural stone such as travertine and granite.

Tips to keep your sealed surface cleaner for longer include:

  1. Regularly sweep and hose off the sealed concrete or paving

  2. Spot clean contaminants from the surface as soon as possible. Only use a neutral pH cleaning solution as hash alkaline and acid cleaners may damage or weaken the sealer

  3. Lightly pressure clean the sealed surface at least once a year

  4. Reseal the concrete or pavers every 3 to 5 years

At ProtectorClean we only use quality sealer products. They include:

  1. Clear Penetrating Sealers for a natural look and feel. (Water based and solvent based)

  2. Clear Coating / Topical Sealers for a low sheen or gloss look and feel. (Water based and solvent based)

As part of our Perth pressure washing service we use specialist vacuum equipment which enables us to capture the majority of the waste water as we pressure clean. The advantage of this is that it prevents the dirty waste water from flowing into your clean swimming pool or your neighbours yard! We also find that this vacuum process results in a superior clean as at the end of the job there is no waste water left lying around.

If you would like to know more about our Perth pressure washing and sealing service, please feel free to call us or email us.

Other Services

While your paving or concrete surface is being pressure cleaned and sealed you may also be interested in having other areas of your home or business professionally cleaned by us on the same day. Other cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:

DISCOUNTS are available if 2 or more services are carried out on the same day!

Call today for a free quote: (08) 6555 7743 or 0437 537 746 CLICK HERE to contact us via our Online Quote Form


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