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Pressure Washing Perth – Specialist Vacuum System for Around Pools

One of the main problems with pressure cleaning around pools or in poorly drained areas is where does the waste water escape to? What normally happens is you end up with very clean pavers but with your pool now looking worse for wear, full of muddy water and debris… a costly and timely problem to fix. At ProtectorClean we use purpose built vacuum equipment that attaches to our pressure cleaning machine and sucks up the waste water as we clean. This means that not only will you have very clean paving but your pool or other poorly drained areas will not be left full of muddy waste water. Another benefit is the waste water collected by us can be used to water your lawns and gardens instead of going down the drain. The below photos are examples of surfaces cleaned by us using our pressure cleaning vacuum equipment.

Pressure cleaning with vacuum recovery. No mess!

Pressure cleaning with vacuum recovery. No mess!




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