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What’s The Best Tile For My Bathroom?

There’s something special about having a great bathroom. The kind they have in five-star hotels—stylish and luxurious.

It’s natural to want the same luxurious feel for your own bathroom. But there are also other things to think of if you are building or redoing your bathroom.

Take Maintenance Into Consideration

Bathroom tiles will be exposed to water and steam on a regular basis so it’s important to choose a tile that can repel water. Your tiles should also be made of a non-porous material that doesn’t absorb grime, dirt, germs and other unpleasant accumulations. This makes your bathroom easier to clean and maintain and will help prevent staining.

Design vs. Practicality

Does it mean you have to go all practical and forget about aesthetics? Not necessarily. All you need to do is be aware of the pros and cons of the various options out there. For example, natural stones are porous so they absorb grime and dirt quickly. However, they can bring warmth and texture to a cold bathroom. Although not recommended for wet areas, if you want to work with natural stone, you have to understand that they will require a high level of cleaning and maintenance as well as regular sealing.

A great bathroom is an equal mix of design and functionality.

Which Tile Should I Choose?

There are many options to choose from.

Glazed Ceramic and porcelain tiles are two of the most common types used in bathrooms. Ceramic tiles come in different textures and finishes but doesn’t repel water as efficiently as porcelain.

Glazed porcelain is more durable and stain-resistant so it’s your best bet for shower floors and walls. Depending on the quality of water in your area, dark coloured tiles and grout may show up hard water staining such as calcium build up a lot easier than light coloured tiles.

Glass tiles can add personality to your bathroom. They’re easy to clean and add brightness by reflecting light. However, they are also slippery so it’s best to restrict them to walls.

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