Pressure Cleaning and Sealing Perth

Pressure cleaning PerthProtectorClean offers extensive high pressure cleaning and sealing services for residential, commercial and industrial applications throughout Perth Western Australia, including:

Driveways: pressure cleaning and sealing of concrete, stencilled, stamped, pebblecrete, exposed aggregate, liquid limestone and paving

Paving: pressure cleaning and sealing of pool surrounds, outdoor entertainment areas and garden paths.  Concrete pavers, clay pavers and natural stone pavers such as travertine and limestone

Concrete flooring: pressure washing of commercial warehouses, factories and cold-rooms

Sporting surfaces: pressure cleaning of tennis courts, skate parks, basketball courts, aquatic centres

Public facilities: pressure washing of footpaths, train and bus platforms and university outdoor common areas


Pressure washing concreteOur Pressure Cleaning Process

Our high pressure cleaning process will remove dirt, stains, discolouration and grime from your concrete, paving and other hard surfaces while at the same time capturing all traces of water, detergent and debris in the vacuum recovery system. A big advantage of our pressure cleaning vacuum recovery system is its positive impact on the environment… with zero to minimal run-off entering the storm water drains.


Our Sealing Service

ProtectorClean can seal your newly installed or freshly cleaned concrete, liquid limestone, exposed aggregate and paving so that your surfaces are protected from water and oil based contaminants and to help them stay cleaner for longer. We use only the best quality penetrating and clear coating sealants to provide you with the best and longest lasting results.

For more information about sealing please refer to our blog “The Pros and Cons Of Sealing Concrete Surfaces and Paving”


pressure washing liquid limestoneCase File #1 – Pressure Cleaning Liquid Limestone

Heavy duty pressure cleaning a liquid limestone outdoor entertainment area in Perth, Western Australia.

Because of its extremely textured and pitted surface, liquid limestone is one of the hardest outdoor surfaces to keep clean. Not only does it trap dirt easily it is also a breeding ground for moss, algae and mould especially during the winter months.

Get the best cleaning results by using the right chemical wash and high pressure cleaning. At ProtectorClean we also use state of the art vacuum equipment to prevent waste water running into your swimming pool or your neighbours yard. No mess!


pressure cleaning exposed aggregate drivewayCase File #2 – Pressure Cleaning and Sealing an Exposed Aggregate Driveway

This exposed aggregate driveway had not been pressure cleaned for a couple of years and had a significant build up of dirt as well as bore water staining. On top of this the existing sealer which was several years old was in serious need of a top-coat.

Preparing this driveway to be sealed required a 2 stage chemical wash as well as high pressure cleaning.  Firstly, a chemical wash to help remove as much dirt and soiling as possible and secondly, a chemical wash to remove the bore water stains.  After the exposed aggregate surface had completely dried out 2 coats of a quality high gloss clear coating sealer were applied to help keep it clean and help protect it against oil and water based contaminants.

To maintain your newly sealed concrete or paved surface it is recommended that the following maintenance program be followed –

  • Regularly sweep / hose / blow the surface to clean off any leaves, dirt and debris.
  • Spot clean off any potential staining contaminant as soon as possible before it has a chance to break through the sealer. eg. motor oil, food and beverage, bbq fats, bird droppings, leaves and flower petals.  It is recommended to use a neutral pH cleaning solution.  DO NOT use solvents, acids or high alkaline chemicals as these can damage the sealer.
  • Lightly pressure clean the surface every 6 to 12 months.
  • Pressure clean and reseal every 3 to 4 years.


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Other Services

While your paving or concrete surface is being pressure cleaned you may also be interested in having other areas of your home professionally cleaned by us on the same day.  Other cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:

DISCOUNTS are available if 2 or more services are carried out on the same day!

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