Tile Grout Cleaning and Sealing Perth

ProtectorClean offers quality tile grout cleaning and sealing services for residential and commercial customers in Perth and surrounding areas.

Our unique high-pressure, high-heat, and vacuum recovery tile grout cleaning system will remove years of grime and dirt build-up from your tile and grout while at the same time capturing all traces of water, chemical and debris leaving your tile and grout clean, dry and ready for use.


ProtectorClean’s Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing Services Include:

Tile Grout Cleaning Perth

Before & After – ProtectorClean’s powerful tile and grout cleaning process!

Heavy duty tile grout cleaning that removes years of built up soiling, dirt, grease and grime.

Grout haze removal from newly installed tiles.

Tile Sealing.  Protect your new or freshly cleaned porous tiles with a quality coating or penetrating sealer to help prevent the tiles from becoming permanently stained.

Grout Sealing.  Have your tile grout lines professionally sealed with a quality penetrating grout sealer to help prevent permanent staining.

Grout Colour Sealing.  Instead of re-grouting have you considered renewing your grout lines by colour sealing them with our commercial grade grout colour sealant?

Shower recess tile grout cleaning and restoration.  Remove heavy build up of grime, scum, mould and hard water staining from your shower’s tile and grout.


 Why Call ProtectorClean?

tile and grout cleaning services Perth

Instant results!

You are time poor.  Are you sick and tired of spending hours on your knees scrubbing tiles & grout…with the results being less than impressive?  Call ProtectorClean and have professional tile cleaners make your floors look brand new again.

You are selling your home and want the tile and grout flooring to look its best. For a quick and profitable sale, first impressions really do count!

You are trying to find a suitable tenant for your rental property. Once again, first impressions really do matter, so having your tile and grout floors looking new and fresh may help in securing the tenant you have been looking for.

You have just renovated or built your dream home and want your tile and grout to be sealed and protected and looking great for years to come.

You have grout haze or stains on your tiles and grout that are difficult to get rid of.

You want a change…are you bored with the current colour scheme of your tile and grout?  Perhaps consider Grout Colour Sealing to either rejuvenate the tile & grout surface with the same colour or change colours completely.


Case File #1 – Heavy Duty Cleaning Of Ceramic Floor Tile & Grout

tile and grout cleaning services perth - after before cleaning

The ceramic tile and grout floor (photo on the right) had a severe build up of dirt and grime which could not be removed by our customer no matter how hard they tried with various tile cleaners.  Our heavy duty cleaning process which involves using the best commercial strength tile and grout cleaning chemicals and equipment was able to transform this tile and grout floor back to near new. Not only did the black grout lines disappear but the tiles cleaned up several shades lighter as well.

After having the tile and grout restored you have the option of having the grout sealed with a quality clear penetrating sealer which will help protect the grout from staining as well as help keep the grout cleaner for longer.




Our Perth Customers Include:

Home Owners – e.g. Heavy duty tile & grout cleaning, terracotta tile stripping & resealing, grout sealing, porcelain tile wax removal, grout haze removal, shower tile & grout cleaning, minor grout repairs, cleaning tile & grout floors before listing home for sale.

Landlords & Real Estate Agents – e.g. End of lease tile & grout cleaning, tile & grout stain removal, end of lease shower tile & grout cleaning.

Medical Centres – e.g. Renewing grout lines with colour sealer.

Child Care Centres –  e.g. Heavy duty tile & grout cleaning.

Commercial Shop Fit-Out Companies – e.g. Restoration cleaning of tile & grout instead of replacing.  Save $$$.

Professional & D.I.Y. Renovators – e.g. Builders clean of bathroom & kitchen fit-outs, grout haze removal.

Commercial Businesses – e.g. Heavy duty tile & grout cleaning of offices, builders clean – remove grout haze and silicone.

Industrial Businesses – e.g. Restoring washroom and locker room tile & grout floors – removing extreme build up of grime & dirt from tile & grout.


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Other Services

While your tile and grout is being cleaned you may also be interested in having other areas of your home professionally cleaned by us on the same day.  Other cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:

DISCOUNTS are available if 2 or more services are carried out on the same day!

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