Vacuum Gutter Cleaning Perth

blocked gutter cleaningAt ProtectorClean we provide a specialised service for cleaning your gutters, downpipes and roof.   Our powerful gutter cleaning vacuum is a unique system that effectively removes all leaves, silt, dirt and debris that has been trapped in your gutters and hard to reach places.

Why Do You Need To Have Your Gutters Cleaned?

Clogged and blocked gutters may end up costing you a lot of money!  There are three main reasons why:

  1. Rainfall. Rain and in particular heavy rainfall can cause your blocked gutters to overflow with water.  This may result in staining under your eaves or even worse lead to water flooding into the ceiling of your house!
  1. Fires and bushfire season. Gutters clogged with dry leaves and twigs present an unnecessary fire risk in the event of a bushfire.  Embers can land on the dry material causing a spot fire to start.  Even in the cooler months an innocuous chimney fire can send embers falling onto the leaves in the gutter causing a fire to start.
  1. Over time excessive build up of leaves, silt, dirt and debris will cause your gutter rot and rust and this will shorten the lifespan of your guttering.

Why Choose ProtectorClean?

    1. With each gutter cleaning service we provide a complimentary Roof Report that identifies any damage to tiles, gutters, ridge capping and if there are overhanging branches that need trimming.
    2. We will replace or repair any broken or cracked tiles that we find.
    3. Our staff are Working at Heights Trained and Certified.
    4. We are fully insured with a $20 Million Public Liability Insurance policy and current Workers Compensation Insurance policy.

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Other Services

While we are cleaning your gutters you may also be interested in having other areas of your home or business professionally cleaned by us on the same day.  Other cleaning and sealing services that we provide include:

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