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Tile and Grout Cleaning

ProtectorClean offers quality tile grout cleaning and sealing services for residential and commercial customers in Perth and surrounding areas.

Our unique high-pressure, high-heat, and vacuum recovery cleaning system will remove years of grime and dirt build-up from your tile and grout while at the same time capturing all traces of water, chemical and debris leaving your tile and grout clean, dry and ready for use.

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

  • Heavy duty tile grout cleaning that removes years of built up soiling, dirt, grease and grime.

  • Grout haze removal from newly installed tiles.

  • Tile Sealing.  Protect your new or freshly cleaned porous tiles with a quality coating or penetrating sealer to help prevent the tiles from becoming permanently stained.

  • Grout Sealing.  Have your tile grout lines professionally sealed with a quality penetrating grout sealer to help prevent permanent staining.

  • Grout Colour Sealing.  Instead of re-grouting have you considered renewing your grout lines by colour sealing them with our commercial grade grout colour sealant?

  • Shower recess tile grout cleaning and restoration.  Remove heavy build up of grime, scum, mould and hard water staining from your shower's tile and grout.

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Our heavy duty tile and grout cleaning process will remove dirt, stains, discolouration and grime from your tile and grout floors while at the same time capturing all traces of water, detergent and debris in the vacuum recovery system. Our cleaning process includes:


A range of safe heavy duty cleaning and stain removal solutions are used to get the best cleaning results



After applying the chemical solution the tile and grout is thoroughly scrubbed to loosen and suspend any heavily embedded dirt, grime and oils

ProtectorClean Van with Hoses.png

High pressure & heat

We use state of the art truckmounted machines that deliver a safe level of high water pressure and extreme heat to blast away  all dirt, grime and oils

Tile Spinner.png

Extract & rinse

Our tile and grout extraction tool blasts away the dirt, grime and oil as well as vacuuming up all waste water and debis into our waste tank located in our van.  NO MESS!

air mover.png


After cleaning the floors and prior to leaving we thoroughly dry the surface so that you can safely walk on and enjoy your freshly cleaned floors!

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