Professional Tile Grout Cleaning. What is it?

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Recently we were asked to clean and seal a bathroom’s tile and grout prior to the new owners moving in to their new home.  To do this the tile and grout had to be thoroughly cleaned or as we in the industry say it required “professional cleaning”.  So, what exactly is professional tile grout cleaning?

Professional tile grout cleaning can best be described as a very deep and thorough cleaning process with an objective of returning the tile and grout to as near new a condition as possible.  The professional cleaning process generally involves using:

– Specialist tile and grout cleaning chemicals including alkaline, acidic and other problem solving chemical solutions.

– Heat.  Very hot water significantly improves cleaning power.

– Agitation or scrubbing the chemical solution into the tile and grout to help dislodge and remove all the grime, oil and dirt.

– Dwell time.  Letting the chemical solution sit long enough on the tile and grout for it to penetrate and dislodge, remove and suspend all the dirt and grime, and

– Commercial grade tile and grout cleaning equipment. e.g. scrubbing machines and high pressure, hot water extraction (HWE) machines to speed up the cleaning process as well as to improve the cleaning results.

As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words…below are several before, during and after photos of this bathroom restoration grout cleaning service.

tile grout cleaning
Tile grout cleaning – Before.You may not be able to see it but there are years of grime and scum build up on these floors.
Please note – This floor had just, within 30 minutes prior to us carrying out this restoration cleaning service, been professionally cleaned by a general cleaner.


tile grout cleaning
Professional tile grout cleaning – During.Dislodging years of scum, grime & dirt build up using specialist tile & grout cleaning chemicals & equipment.


tile grout cleaning
Professional tile grout cleaning – During.And to think you walk on bathroom tile and grout every day with your bare feet!


tile grout cleaning
Professional tile grout cleaning – During….bacteria, germs, who knows what else!


tile grout cleaning

Tile grout cleaning – After.
Very clean tile & grout and happy customers.

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