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When Is It Time To Replace My Carpet?

Unlike wine that gets better with age, all carpets have a lifespan and are only good for a number of years.

replacing dirty and worn carpet Perth

It doesn’t matter how expensive the price tag is or how high the quality, all carpets must eventually be replaced. How long it will last depends on the quality of material and craftsmanship, and the type of usage and amount of foot traffic.

What are the signs that indicate it’s time to replace your carpet?

If it looks old

Does your carpet look like it has seen better days?

Depending on the fibre type, carpet wear is one of the things that can make a carpet look old and dirty. Some materials such as polypropelene have a tendency to lose their form more quickly than wool and quality nylon carpets.

Although regular carpet cleaning can help make it last longer, the carpet will eventually reach a point where it will look worn and dirty no matter how often you have it cleaned.

If you have had your carpets cleaned by a trained professional and are still unhappy with its appearance, it may be time to have your old carpet replaced.

If it has stains that can’t be removed

One of the most noticeable signs that your carpet needs replacement is that there are a significant amount of permanent staining present.

Carpet cleaning will remove the majority of spots, soiling and discolouration. However, spots and discoloration that don’t go away after you’ve had your carpets professionally cleaned might mean they will likely never come off.

If the stains are still there after a professional clean and stain treatment, then it means they are most likely permanent and carpet replacement may be the only solution.

If it has significant rips and tears

You can still mend small rips and damage with the help of a professional carpet cleaner. However, carpets with larger tears and significant damage may need replacement. Covering them with furniture will not always work especially when the tears are located in walkways and highly visible areas.

If it smells musty

A very dirty carpet will often give off an unpleasant smell, especially if you own a pet and haven’t had the carpets cleaned for some time. In most cases, the odour should disappear after the odour source has been removed and a thorough cleaning with the correct chemicals.

If it doesn’t, it may mean that the odour, particularly pet urine has already penetrated the carpet and underlay (or in worst case scenarios, the subfloor).

If cleaning does not get the desired results, you may have to consider totally replacing your carpet and underlay to completely get rid of the smell as it may be a more cost-effective solution.

In saying this though, in many cases giving a very dirty and worn looking carpet a heavy duty steam clean is all that is needed to revitalise and significantly improve its look and hygiene.

Not sure if you can still salvage your dirty and worn carpet? Give us a call and we’ll help you assess. If you would like to know more about any of our cleaning and sealing services click on the links below:


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